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Richard Konkolski

Richard Konkolski was born in Czechoslovakia. Over his busy life he went from being a bricklayer to a designer and builder of chemical plants, sailor, coach, sport judge, traveler, adventurer, writer, TV and Radio host, lecturer, and finally to video and multimedia producer. No matter his occupation, he always carried with him the dreams of the flapping sail, salty spray, and the cries of seagulls.

Always a sailor at heart as well as in fact, he is the winner of over forty different sailing races and holder of many championship titles. Four times the best sailor of the year in three different countries, he has made and broken six world speed records in sailing and has sailed over 120,000 miles single-handedly. He raced three times in solo transatlantic races (OSTARs) and placing second and fourth in two of them. He raced in the Parmelia Race from England to Australia, and twice in the solo around-the-world race, The BOC Challenge, in which he finished as third and fifth, doing so without sponsorship and on next to non-existent budget.

He named his boats after the Greek Goddes of Victory - NIKE (NIKE, NIKE II, NIKE III, NIKE IV - the only exception being the Declaration of Independence.

First person from continental Europe to single-handedly circumnavigate the globe twice in both directions. First person to sail around the world three times solo by real circumnavigation route (passing antipodes). He did his first solo circumnavigation on a twenty-four foot boat NIKE,

second smallest vessel to circumnavigate globe at that time.

He is the author of eleven books (unfortunately in the Czech, Slovak & Polish language only, translation to English is currently in progress) and many films and videos. Happily married for over 30 years, he now lives with his wife

Miroslava (Miki) and

son Richard (Sonny) in Newport, Rhode Island.


You can examine Richard Konkolski's resume or contact him in the following ways:

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Richard Konkolski
Rychvaldská 601
735 53 Dolní Lutyně
Czech Republic

by phone
+420 601 541 344

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